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ArcChange is Automation tool which can automate almost everything in GIS deployment and save 80% of deployment cost.

ArcChange provides power of automation and it can automate 80% to 90% GIS build and SDE database deployment cycle. ArcChange can automate SDE database tuning also it can add, update and delete ArcFM configuration.
ArcChange can check and validate the GIS system health and generate system heath report card with just few clicks.
With ArcChange you can trust your GIS deployment 100% as every step of you GIS deployment get logged and Administrator can always roll back the changes if we needed without any human interventions.
ArcChange can cut down cost of GIS implementation cycle. We have estimated that with 500+ users (Small GIS utility company) that ArcChange can save minimum $550,000/PA. (Assuming GIS down time minimum 4 hours with 12 months of GIS release cycle).
ArcChange provide automated way to do GIS change management. This helps system administrator and database administrator to do release without human intervention.
ArcChange can work with ArcGIS and ArcFM. It can do configuration and database changes for both ArcGIS and ArcFM product.

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