Microsoft Gold Partners


Technology is a key driving force in transforming businesses; it is a disruption in all aspects of our life, be it at the office or on the personal front. At Principle Info-Tech, we help organizations ride this digital wave through smart solutions and managed services; collaborated with an accurate and deep understanding of the latest cutting-edge technologies.

Our Microsoft Center of Excellence has a great track record of successfully executing 1000+ projects for almost a decade now. We are a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, and our large pool of Microsoft certified developers and architects help our clients get the best possible returns on their IT investments. We help them build a proper IT roadmap.

We have the relevant expertise on a wide range of Microsoft technologies, and also the adequate know-how on its integration with other non-Microsoft platforms. Our special services will help you in your digital transformation journey by leveraging a combination of traditional and new-age technologies.

Our Services

microsoft public and private cloud

Cloud computing is changing the IT service ecosystem – and consequently, the way business operates. Businesses are seeking operational efficiencies in their processes and solutions that reduce CapEx, improve workforce collaboration and speed up time to market. Cloud computing’s inherent flexibility and capability provides a long-term roadmap to meet the current and future needs of business, thereby making it an obvious choice.

Principle Info-Tech's Microsoft Cloud Services empower enterprises for digital transformation, enhances business agility and ensures a faster time to market. Our deep technical knowledge and systems integration capabilities help us offer effective PaaS, SaaS and IaaS solutions. Principle Info-Tech’s services ensure productivity, agility and customer experience leveraging Microsoft Cloud platforms, such as Office 365, MS Azure and CRM online.

  • Reduction in Capital Expenditure and Operational Expenditure
  • Increased Productivity
  • Enhanced Availability
  • Ability to Scale Rapidly
  • Faster Time to Market


Cloud, microservices and app-based technology applications are now increasingly required to run on continuous deployment mode. Reducing cycle time and extremely fast conversion of requirements to production require a robust platform that is standardized and resilient.

Principle Info-Tech's DevOps platform is a comprehensive continuous delivery platform built on Microsoft, open source and IBM tool stack. The DevOps platform leverages the existing ALM tool investments, uses industry best practices for build and release orchestration, and provides real-time dashboards and analytics. It offers a self-service mechanism for provisioning infrastructure, tools and framework for DevOps on public/private Cloud.

  • Enhanced Agility
  • Optimized Cost
  • Reduced Risks

The constant need for upgrade of infrastructure and applications is epitomized with the end of life of Windows Server 2003 operating system by Microsoft. Applications with their entire technology assortment – hosted on these servers – require remediation for compatibility in a target operating system. For business transformations, enterprise architecture guidance changes, cloud disruptions, or during asset reclassification, the remediation exercise becomes an activity of much scale.

Principle Info-Tech's remediation methodology offers robust discovery, classification, compatibility modeling, industrial-scale execution and testing services.

  • Workload classification and routing for~20% effort savings
  • Automation span for workload course of actions for 20%-30% reduced time to market
  • Risk and outcome-based application ever-greening through automated, service-delivery modes
  • Design for minimum interruptions, scale, cost-effectiveness, security & compliance
  • Best of breed providers and tools for remediation and transition management

Cloud Strategy and Implementation
Principle Info-Tech helps you strategize your move from on-premise to Microsoft Azure and Office365 cloud platforms in a phased manner so that the process is smooth and seamless. We will evaluate your current setup, your current and future business objectives, and eventually identify and implement the best suited approach.

ECM Transformation and Migration

A strong Enterprise Content Management (ECM) tool plays a pivotal role in the functioning of digital enterprises; and we help you design and develop your Microsoft SharePoint environment in the most optimum way. Our tool based ECM transformation solution will help you migrate from a wide range of licensed and open source ECM platforms to the latest SharePoint platform (both on-premise and cloud).

Enhance Customer Experience using CRM solutions

We help streamline your customer-centric business processes and workflows using Microsoft Dynamics CRM and xRM platforms; and in the process, help your marketing, sales, and customer support teams get a 360 degree view of each customer. This will empower them to make well-informed decisions in real-time and adapt to the changing requirements of their customers; eventually leading to a satisfied customer.

Accurate Decision Making using BI and Analytics

By using Microsoft BI (Power BI), HDInsight, APS, PerformancePoint, SharePoint Reporting, SSRS, SSAS, and SSIS, your employees will be able to make cognitive and comprehensive decisions in real-time. Microsoft BI and Analytics tools are leaders in the Gartner quadrant and well positioned compared to other players. They help derive unambiguous decisions by analyzing information from a wide range of internal and external data sources that cover both structured and unstructured content.