Principle Info-Tech has successfully completed many PeopleSoft implementation projects. We have developed very mature processes and an extensive set of tools to assist our teams in executing such projects. Our implementation teams comprise of; business process experts, technical leads, administration leads and a highly qualified development team.

Our well thought out requirements gathering and fit-gap analysis process enables us to avoid significant challenges during the latter stages of the project. It ensures that we capture and meet our client's business goals. Here is the methodical approach of our implementation process:


Project Step


Step 1 Presentation to Key Stakeholders 
(1-2 Hours)

  • Increased Awareness of PeopleSoft New Features
  • Consensus on Key Implementation Decisions
  • Review of Current State vs. Best Practices
  • End to End Demo

Step 2 New Module Workshop 
(2 Days)

  • Feature Fit-Gap and Value Assessment
  • System Design Breakouts (Blue Sky vs. Realistic)
  • Future State Business Process Map
  • Key Design/Implementation Decisions
  • Momentum and Excitement from User Community

Step 3 Proof of Concept 
(4-6 Weeks)

  • Document Process Flows, Customizations, Interfaces and Configuration needed to fully develop the system.
  • Configure Demo System
  • Perform "a day in the life of the user" demo
  • Modify specifications after demo
  • Document! Document! Document!

Step 4 Develop, Test and Deploy

  • Fully configure the application
  • Develop customizations (if any)
  • Conduct user review
  • System, Integration and Performance testing
  • Facilitate UAT and Training
  • Deliver production ready Application

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