Principle Info-Tech currently provides PeopleSoft production support services to several large Fortune 500 clients. Our unique blend of business knowledge and technology expertise combined with Principle Info-Tech proprietary methodologies and project management tools, enables us to deliver exceptional value to our clients. Our maintenance and support services are modular in nature. Our dedicated teams can provide complete production support and maintenance service, or we can augment your current production support teams in areas where you need help.

Irrespective of the support service you buy, we will assign a complete team that includes dedicated support resources and leadership. In addition our AutoStream project management portal acts as your centralized issue, task and knowledge repository. During critical periods, our team will work on-site and during non-critical periods, we will be available remotely 24x7 to work on any issues or answer any questions.


Support Service

Key Benefits

Help Desk (Off Hours / 24x7)

  • Live Call Support
  • Password Resets
  • Process Restarts
  • Process Scheduler Restarts
  • Application Server Restarts
  • Web Server Restarts


  • Streamlined Issue Resolution
  • Free-Up core employees for value added work
  • Employees not on call for trivial support calls
  • Process Scheduler Restarts
  • Jumpstart on escalated Issues
  • Increased Availability

PS Patches & Fixes

  • Continuous Monitoring and Downloading
  • Impact Analysis
  • Install/Test/Deploy
    • Patches
    • Fixes
    • Bundles
    • Maintenance Packs
    • Tax Updates
  • Proactive vs. Reactive
  • Sustained Oracle Support (log on cases they will check if you are current)
  • Shorter resolution cycle
  • Customized and Complete Documentation

Security Administration 

  • ID Maintenance
  • Terminations
  • Permission List Maintenance
  • Tree Maintenance
  • A Role Maintenance
  • SOX Compliance
  • Servicing of Ad-hoc Audit Requests
  • Periodic Audit results routed to stake holders
  • Identify and Implement Checks and controls in accordance with SOX

Application Administration 

  • Database
    • Design
    • Backups
    • Recovery
    • Monitoring
    • Preventive Maintenance
    • Performance Tuning
  • PS Application
    • Installation
    • Environment Management
    • Configuration Management / Change Control
  • Periodic Scheduled Maintenance
  • Efficient Environment Management
  • Corporate wide Outage Communication
  • Standardized Configuration /Change Management Processes

Development Support 

  • Development / Customization
    • Reports
    • Interfaces
    • Queries
    • On-line Objects
    • SQRs
    • Application Engines
    • Component Interfaces
  • Performance Tuning
  • Low Cost Solution to Bug Fixes
  • Access to task-dedicated talent
  • Help ramping up services during peak demand

Support Packages

  • Production Support
    • Security Administration
    • Application Administration
    • Help Desk
    • Error / Bug Fixes
  • Single Point of Control
  • Process Oriented Approach
  • Preventive maintenance


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