Principle Info-Tech has pioneered a path for your Upgrade Challenges. We understand that complex upgrades can seem challenging and overwhelming, but Principle Info-Tech has demystified the Upgrade Process for you. With our Upgrade Services, you can select the one that fits your needs.

Our upgrades are formulated into distinct phases with inputs and outputs. This enables our customers to work with us for the entire project or just for the areas where our help is required.


Project Step


Initial Upgrade Assessment (IUA) 

This 2 day Upgrade Assessment is designed for the initial stages of the planning or scoping of your project. 

Principle Info-Tech will bring users, IT and management together for a facilitated process to learn about the next version of PeopleSoft and how it impacts you. 

Our IUA process is an efficient and manageable way to kick start any PeopleSoft Upgrade. 

  • You can shave weeks off your upgrade
  • Build consensus and momentum within your team
  • Get key facts to plan your upgrade in an organized format

At the completion the IUA you will get:

  • New Features Assessment detailing the newest and most critical features that relate to your business needs.
  • Review Unused Functionalities and determine why they are not used.
  • Customization Impact Assessments based on your environment.
  • An outline of your Project and Resource Plan.
  • Determine the Value Proposition.

Upgrade Launch 

During the first 4-8 weeks of your upgrade, we can help your team prepare with our upgrade school. 

Instead of generic delta training or figuring it out on your own, have Principle Info-Tech teach you what you need to know while launching your upgrade. It's our 'on the job training' for your team. 

  • Save money on training with our customized Boot Camp
  • Kick start each initiative with experts that have "been there and done that".
  • Upgrade School through Principle Info-Tech Academy - We will give your team a customized Boot Camp with the following:
    • New Feature(s) Deep Dive
    • Customization Impact Assessment
    • Interface Impact Assessment
    • Report / Query Impact Assessment
  • Initial pass environment of new version
  • New Module Proof of Concept

Retro-fit, Test & Deploy 

We use our Customization Analyzer tool to group your customizations by business functionality and retro-fit them to the newer version if required to be carried forward. 

We use our Security Analyzer tool to do an audit check of your security setup, clean up redundant roles, and migrate them to newer versions. 

We use our pre-configured test plans and test scripts to conduct extensive end to end testing. 

Our new version training guides and Principle Info-Tech Academy training deployment tool will ensure a smooth transition to the business community.

During this phase of the project we complete the following activities:

  • Fully configured development environment
  • Retro-fit all online and batch objects
  • End to end system and integration testing
  • User Acceptance Testing
  • Training
  • Deployment
  • Post Production Support
  • Complete knowledge transfer to client team

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