SAP Business One Add-on Development

SAP Business one add on development

Principle Info-Tech understands that every organization has specific requirement that must be fulfilled in ERP System to be implemented. By using expertise in software development and in depth understanding of SAP Business One SDK (Software Development Kit) Principle Info-Tech maximizes your IT investment. We meet your particular requirements, streamline and integrate external applications by tailoring SAP Business One accordingly.

SAP Business One Software Development Kit

SAP Business One Software Development Kit (SAP Business One SDK) is a toolbox containing programming interfaces and simple utilities. SAP Business One SDK allows programmers to build unique functionality into the user interface: adding new windows, modifying the look and feel of existing windows, or making functional modifications to SAP Business One.

Features of SAP Business One SDK

SAP Business One SDK provides programmatic access to SAP Business One’s business logic through an object-oriented layer it enables SAP customers and partners to enhance the functionality of SAP Business One to fit customers’ unique requirements. A wide range of programming languages and tools can be used. It enables programmers to use technologies they are already familiar with. It provides strong backward compatibility, so that little or no rework is required at the time of upgrading existing version of SAP Business One to a latest one.

SAP Business One SDK is built on a standards-based platform compatible with Microsoft .NET, Microsoft COM, and Java technologies so that the development team could use existing skills quickly build solutions that brings tangible value to customer.

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