SAP Business Warehouse

SAP Business Warehouse

To aid the decision-making process, your business needs reliable, up-to-date financial and operational data. You need the ability to work with integrated corporate and departmental data in order to perform analysis that helps manage a variety of strategic plans and operational goals. Finally, you need a way to ensure compliance with both local and international regulatory mandates for consolidating and reporting company information, both externally and internally.

Organizations that equip their staff with the right business intelligence tools have the potential to sustain competitive advantage in this ever-changing world. Trends such as globalization, changing input costs, complex supply chains and fluctuating exchange rates are here to stay. To help maintain competitive advantage SAP Business Warehouse (SAP BW) is designed to leverage internal and external information and deliver an accessible, usable medium that offers the right reporting tools to a diverse and demanding workforce.

SAP Business Warehouse includes a complete suite of tools required for strategic and corporate reporting and analysis to improve team alignment and integrate business networks – both on a domestic and international level. What’s more, it brings all this functionality in one flexible, unified business intelligence platform.

With SAP Business Warehouse from Principle Info-Tech you can:

  • Synchronize, communicate and measure your strategic objectives.
  • Quickly access the information you need to improve performance and close the gap between strategy and execution.
  • Create and deliver on-the-fly, ad-hoc reports with minimal end-user training.
  • Model data to help identify areas for improvement and evaluate scenarios for maximum business impact.
  • Improve business processes to speed performance management cycles.
  • Deliver complete, accurate data to aid improved communication and collaboration.

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