SAP Customer Relationship Management

SAP CRM Services

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) brings together employees, partners, customers and technology to help companies grow revenue and achieve a competitive advantage.

Principle Info-Tech has a team of expert CRM professionals who provide efficient and customized services to tailor the needs of its customers.

Principle Info-Tech CRM takes care of

• Sales pipeline optimization
• Enhances sales revenue
• Streamlines business process flow
• Achieves maximum orders in less time
• Improves the quality of field service

Principle Info-Tech provides Solutions in Account and Contact Management

Account and Contact Management helps companies capture, monitor, store, and track all critical information about customers, prospects, and partners. This information includes detailed customer profiles, sales activities, and overviews of critical relationships. Key account and contact management capabilities include

• Support for access to key accounts information including critical relationship overview, sales document such as quotations, contracts, and complete customer interaction history, including inbound and outbound calls, email exchanges, written correspondence, onsite visits, meetings and any other demonstrations.
• A customized fact sheet that provides important key performance indicators (KPIs). Account and contact management helps companies capture monitor, store and track all critical information about customers, prospects and partners. Sales professional are provided with a single comprehensive view into all of the information necessary to effectively manage their sales accounts.

Principle Info-Tech provides Solutions in Activity Management

Effective sales organizations do more than just meet revenue goals, they find new ways to achieve their goals while ensuring that sales professionals remain focused on activities that grow profitable customer relationships. Activity Management supports the sales and service process in all phases and provides information about all activities carried out to serve the customer. Sales professional can check his calendar for a free appointment and creates an activity for the customer visit. Manager can check activities of his subordinates and delegate task to them.

Principle Info-Tech provides Solutions in Lead and Opportunity Management

Lead and opportunity management gives sales professionals complete visibility into each prospective sale. Sales organizations can capture, manage, and monitor the business contact and account information of potential opportunities. In addition, they can implement selling methodologies based on company best practices, ensuring effective and consistent sales processes across their sales organization. Lead Management is an integral part of effective Sales Force Automation (SFA) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Contact Administrator gives you the proprietary features you need to effectively manage and track the progress of sales leads, from source to current day status, including an easy to access record of every prospect and customer interaction that has or will occur.

Track more than just contact information

By using the contact administrator's unique form wizard, you have total control over the forms you use to capture and store information about your leads and opportunities. When you set referral rules the contact administrator will automatically route new opportunities.

Principle Info-Tech provides its customers with a demo or screen shots of CRM which enable the business owners to understand the software .After the implementation phase, it provides functional and technical support Technical Support is also being given to SAP GDC for many of their customers.

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