SAP EMP Services Overview

Enterprise Performance Management

Team Expertise
Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) is a process for planning, budgeting, forecasting and monitoring business performances efficiently to have the capability of "what-if analysis" in the business for each department.

Principle Info Tech’s innovative approach to EPM
Principle Info Tech’s EPM framework helps clients to define strategic goals, measure performance and take corrective actions timely. Our EPM solution helps enterprises to know the current estimate and also actual v/s projected estimates. It also helps measure the performance of each department within the enterprise. Our focused and proven approach helps clients in financial planning, operational planning, budgeting & forecasting.

Principle Info Tech’s core competence in BI can be effectively and efficiently applied to help clients in defining a long term EPM strategy along with defining a clear road map of suitable technologies and business goals. These may include better data warehousing, BI and EPM.

Our end-to-end offering starts from Warehousing to EPM strategy development, fast track implementation and also review and revamp of the existing solution.

EPM Consultancy Services
Principle Info Tech has its expertise in all the major Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) software solutions and a pool of functional experts, helps clients to select best-fit technology that strengthens both short term and longer term approach. Its dedicated EPM consultants are well equipped both technically as well as in the functional areas. Our key deliverables from the consulting assignments include: EPM Strategy, Financial Planning for all applications that includes CAPEX, OPEX, and Revenue etc.

EPM Development & Implementation Services
Principle Info Tech’s EPM team efficiently collects and analyses the client information. The EPM process helps in realizing the profitable growth through better decisions based on relevant, timely and accurate information. Our system implementation services are strengthened by our Transform Methodology to deliver exceptionally efficient results. Our systematic approach in implementation involves: Study of the financial system and processes, Business requirement gathering, Defining business rules, Designing budgeting and reporting templates, Defining processes and controls.

Support Maintenance Services
Principle Info Tech provides round the clock support and maintenance services. We offer ongoing user support and management, maintenance, and enrichment of the warehousing, BI and EPM system. Our flexible support model provides support & maintenance services varying from critical on-call support services to dedicated end-to-end onsite support.

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