Real-Time, In Memory Analytics
Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) is a process for planning, budgeting, forecasting and monitoring business performances efficiently to have the capability of "what-if analysis" in the business for each department.

Whatever type of business you are in speed is a critical component of success. Whether that be accelerated product innovation, exploiting new trends or adapting to new customer buying behaviors, your ability to see and react instantly to changing business conditions is key to gaining first-mover advantage. That’s why more and more companies like yours are turning to new technologies that can help to exploit Big Data and deliver real-time analytics.

SAP HANA’s unique in-memory database instantly analyses huge volumes of data as it’s created. You get the answers to questions you could never ask – or think to ask – before, and you can run high-performance applications that make business processes faster and leaner.

The SAP HANA innovation can transform the speed at which your company operates by enabling real-time insight into every aspect of your business operations as it happens. And by taking advantage of high-speed analyses of all of your data, the second it’s created, you get answers based on information right now.

Key Features
• Real-time analytics – Analyze business operations as they happen – using huge volumes of detailed information.
• Real-Time applications – Choose from a suite of business applications built for the SAP HANA platform.
• Instant Reporting – Turn hours into seconds with instant reporting

Business Benefits
• Gain real-time business insight by analyzing business operations as they happen.
• Make better decisions, faster by gaining immediate access to all relevant information.
• Accelerate your core business and operational processes to run at market speed

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