Transform your organization. Give your employees secure mobile access to the information and systems they need most – anytime, anywhere, and on any device – with SAP mobile solutions. Leverage a wide range of mobile apps and underlying infrastructure, and get ready to outmaneuver the competition at every turn – no matter what the size of your business.

  • Provide employees with real-time access to contextual information and key systems.
  • Boost task and information worker productivity.
  • Improve decision making in the field – at all levels of the organization.
  • Extend the value of your enterprise applications with mobile accessibility.
  • Gain full control of a wide range of devices and applications with centralized device management.
  • Deploy enterprise-grade applications and drive mobile initiatives across your entire organization.

Connect employees to your business data on any device – with the SAP mobile enterprise platform

The Sybase Unwired Platform is a mobile enterprise application platform that enables enterprise developers to simply and quickly develop applications that connect business data to mobile workers on any device. Built on proven, industry-leading technology, the Sybase Unwired Platform addresses the difficult mobile challenge of creating and managing multiple mobile applications that securely connect a variety of heterogeneous back-end data sources to all major device types. As the enterprise landscape becomes increasingly complex, Sybase Unwired Platform enables enterprises to embrace mobility across the entire organization through the use of a consistent, but highly adaptable, development platform.

With the Sybase Unwired platform you can create and manage multiple apps on a mobile enterprise platform that securely connects your data sources to all major device types. Sybase Unwired Platform gives you the tools you need to drive mobile initiatives across your entire organization – with a development platform that is consistent, but highly adaptable to changing business needs.

With Sybase Unwired Platform you can:
  • Exchange data between traditional back-end systems to multiple mobile devices.
  • Create enterprise-grade applications by using a single development platform.
  • Empower workers to access enterprise applications on corporate or personal devices.
  • Protect data with end-to-end encryption and enhanced application security.

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