SAP Netweaver Services

SAP Netweaver Technology Platform
The Principle Info Tech team addresses emerging industry demand for enterprise-level applications through the SAP Netweaver platform. Principle Info Tech has created a unique development, configuration and consulting team with expertise in Net Weaver technologies.

Many of SAP NetWeaver’s function run in the background, streamlining data processing and optimizing the integration of the individual modules. NetWeaver improves your experience as a user by enhancing the user interface and data quality. SAP NetWeaver Portal ensures that different components and modules—SAP and non-SAP—can be accessed via a universal interface with just one log-in. Knowledge management is a tool for storing and, more importantly, finding your documents. With project forums and other collaborative tools such as Chat and Desktop Sharing, your staff and business partners can work efficiently together.

SAP NetWeaver Business Intelligence generates assessments that you need to efficiently analyze and manage your business processes.

In many cases, it makes sense to integrate IT systems into the SAP NetWeaver Process Integration (PI). This leads to a dramatic reduction in development and maintenance costs for inter-application interfaces. This, together with our business process management (BPM) skills, enables the first-rate products based on superbly controlled and monitored processes.

SAP NetWeaver workshops that we conduct are helping organizations find new growth from their enterprise systems and in driving significant incremental value from existing investments and applications.

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