SAP Process Integration

SAP Process Integration (Earlier known as Exchange Infrastructure)

Principle Info-Tech’s SAP Process Integration application (earlier known as SAP XI) enables you to implement cross-system processes. It enables you to connect systems from different vendors (non-SAP and SAP) in different versions and implemented in different programming languages (Java, ABAP, and so on) to each other. Principle Info-Tech’s SAP Process Integration is based on an open architecture, uses open standards (in particular those from the XML and Java environments) and offers those services that are essential in a heterogeneous and complex system landscape:

●     Modeling and design of messages, transformations, and cross-component integration processes 
●     Configuration options for managing collaborative processes and message flow
●     Adapter Engine for integrating heterogeneous system components
●     Central monitoring for monitoring message flow and processes

SAP PI supports internal company scenarios and cross-company scenarios.
Principle Info-Tech’s Integration services ensure that your existing investments in ERP, Legacy and other enterprise systems remain intact by seamlessly integrating information with new systems, technologies and custom applications within the enterprise, as well as with companies who you do business with.

Principle Info-Tech’s technical consultants have vast experience in helping our clients with the installation and setup of SAP Netweaver and also help different systems in your system landscape talk to each other flawlessly and perfectly.
An effective ERP Integration solution is essential for companies to streamline their ordering processes and automate the exchange of information within the different technology platforms in the company's supply chain, intranet and extranet. Principle Info-Tech has proven expertise in these areas of system integration.

Principle Info-Tech  develops ERP Integration solutions that enable secure, reliable and real-time exchange of direct and indirect transactions over the Internet. This includes information exchange between disparate intra-company systems, among trading partners, and between exchanges/marketplaces of all sizes.

The company’s ERP Integration solutions benefit an organization by providing end-to-end visibility and control of business operations. This control improves interactions with partners and customers; increases responsiveness to business changes; enables new market opportunities; and makes captured knowledge more widely available.

Principle Info-Tech closely examines the business needs; identify different possible ERP Integration solutions; select and implement appropriate architectures, tools and technologies; and deploy a high impact ERP integration solution. 
Principle Info-Tech delivers a wide verity of consulting services primarily focused on development for integration.  We have experience in working with XI 3.0, PI 7.0 and PI 7.1.

Following are some of the tasks: 

•        Architectural work for designing an integration solution, which can support the business needs.
•        Development of integration scenarios 
•        Development of mappings in the built-in mapping tool, xslt, or java mappings 
•        Development of ccBPMs for orchestration of processes. 
•        Performance improvement of scenarios, like finding a way to improve the performance of critical or high volume          interfaces. 
•        Training in PI usage and development.

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