SAP Solution Manager

SAP Solution Manager is a product that all SAP customers are entitled to – and yet, the majority of SAP customers still aren’t using it. A recent poll suggests that IT departments simply have too many other priorities to attend to. Not only that, but good SAP Solution Manager Experts are hard to find – leading to costly consulting fees and protracted implementations.

At Principle Info-Tech, we have a team of experts that can install, configure, test and roll-out your SAP Solution Manager system in a matter of weeks. Our expertise, combined with an affordable, fixed cost implementation, training and support program, means you’ll see an instant improvement in the way that your SAP landscape is managed and maintained.

The business case for SAP Solution Manager:

SAP Solution Manager helps you make the most of SAP’s support services – significantly lowering your total cost of ownership through minimizing the risk of downtime and reducing the rate of critical incidents.

Benefits include:

  • Improved SAP Landscape management– A single ‘at-a-glance’ dashboard that manages all your SAP servers – including Development, QA, Production, B/W, XI etc.
  • Automated alerts – No need to search out system errors as your team is instantly notified of all health issues on any SAP servers.
  • Improved patch and upgrade management – Just one system will manage cross-system patch updates and synchronization.
  • Better vendor interaction and collaboration – Improvecommunication with SAP and get a full audit trail to monitor and track of all your Early watch and patch-download gateway services.
  • Significantly improved helpdesk processes – Reduce administration time with process-driven call handling and helpdesk routines that automatically report problems together with full issue details, error screenshots and problem data etc.
  • Fully managed escalation processes – Speed up issue resolutions by including the original problem details (thereby ensuring that there is no distortion of the problem description).
  • Automated configuration tracking – A fully maintained knowledge repository that enables you to keep track of all your configuration changes.
  • Change Request Management – Enables you to manage changes to your SAP system from project planning through resource management and cost control, to physical transports of changes from the development environment into the production environment.

Why Principle Info-Tech?

  • Product Expertise: Principle Info-Tech’s team of SAP Solution Manager experts offer a rapid, efficient and cost effective deployment of the SAP Solution Manager application.
  • Fixed Price, fixed term projects: Principle InfoTech gives you a fixed-cost quotation – and an accurate project timescale, based upon your system landscape. This means you’ll know exactly what you can expect and when you can expect it to happen.
  • No disruption to your business: We’re happy to guarantee that whilst we’re implementing your SAP Solution Manager there’ll be absolutely no disruption to your current SAP system – and your services to your end-users can continue as normal

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